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Worldwide refining survey, 2017-    Tulsa, OK: PennEnergy Research2017
The economic viability of gas-to-liquids technology and the crude oil-natural gas price relationshipEnergy Economics  Vol. 63 (3/2017)  2017
Indonesia's electricity demand and the coal sector: Export or meet domestic demand?-Cornot-Gandolphe, Syvie   978-1-78467-079-5Oxford: Oxford Institute for Energy Studies2017
Oil and oil product pipelines map of European and Asian markets-   1 86186 3810London: Petroleum Economist2017
The role of coal in Europe's power mix-    London: The Economist2017
The year ahead: Global industries outlook 2017-    London: BMI2017
Oil & Gas global capex outlook 2017-    London: BMI2017
President Trump: What to expect-    London: BMI2017
LNG: Global industry trends, Sept. 2017-    London: BMI2017
Top 7 oil & Gas exploration hotspots for 2017-    London: BMI2017
Worldwide cost of living 2017-    London: Economist Intelligence Unit2017
Good neighbour gone bad: Policy risks for Mexico and Latin America under Trump-    London: Economist Intelligence Unit2017
World oil tanker trends, 2017-  Vol. 1, 2017 London: SSY Consultancy & Research Ltd2017
معضلات إعادة البناء ... وتحديات المستقبلالمستقبل العربي  مج. 39، ع. 458 4/2017  2017
عبدالله مبارك الصباح: التحول في الكويتالمستقبل العربي  مج. 39، ع. 458 4/2017  2017